Monday, June 18, 2007


So today was officially my last day of school. Yeah!! I have made it through my first year. I am really looking forward to the summer - and especially looking forward to seeing all of you in two weeks!! Well, we will be having an end of school party tonight if anyone wants to come.... also, anyone is welcome to come with us to the Tigers/Nats game on wednesday night :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Time to post some more pictures:

He loves taking a bath
He gets really messy eating his cereal

Theo is learning how to roll over, here his is halfway

Here is Theo in his high chair

Friday, June 01, 2007

Go Badgers

So, Joan and I have decided to go move to Madison Wisconsin and attend the University of Wisconsin in the Fall. I had to decide between Madison and Boston as a place to live, and ultimately it came down to the offer that I received from Wisconsin. If we chose to go to Boston, we would have had to pay out ~40k for the first year (the subsequent years would be funded). At Wisconsin I was offered a TA and an RA position with full tuition payment, benefits for myself, Joan and Theo and a stipend. After thinking about going into debt, we decided to go to Wisconsin. Anyway, just wanted to let all know. (Most of you reading this probably know this already) So now little Theo will grow up with both Michigan and Wisconsin football. Also, I bet that the rest of our kids will be born in Wisconsin. I wonder if they will have an accent.