Saturday, November 24, 2007

Especially for Joan (the Macy's Parade!!)

We had a lot of fun at the parade. My favorite parts were the giant balloons, they were pretty cool. It was SOOO crowded, I have never seen so many people before. It was definitely fun to do once.

Me and Scooby Doo

Dave and the Empire State Building


Wynonna Judd

And Santa!

Joan - hopefully this video will give you a little taste of what the parade was like

Thanksgiving in New York!

We had a lot of fun in New York City this week. Here are a few pictures:

Here is me and Dave in front of the Statue of Liberty

Clair, Steve, Dave, Susan, Sarah, Sam, Nate, Thomas, and Gracie on the top of the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty (the highest point you can go now)

Me and Dave in front of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center (it wasn't lit up yet - obviously)
Jared, you would have really liked this Apple store - it was all underground

Anna and Mom - here I am in front of FAO Schwartz and the armored bear (there was a lot of Golden Compass stuff in there)

We had a lot of fun on our trip with Dave's family. We hope everyone's Thanksgiving was great!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fall in Virginia

The leaves are still amazing here! Its crazy how long the color stays around. We went on a walk this afternoon down the trail by our house. Here are a few pictures:

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Walking, kinda

Theo in Autumn

Here are a few recent pictures of Theo, including some of Halloween. Theo was a pirate lion.

Mom and Dad are in Prague

Hey all you!

Well, here we are in Prague, and it is raining! But we got to see
some of the city yesterday. I tried to post some pics on the blog,
but it did not work for some reason. So, I am attaching a couple. Me
and Mom on the Charles Bridge, and a shot from the castle looking down
on the city. It was pretty cold also. But all is going well. Hope
all of you are doing great!

Love, Mom and Dad