Sunday, July 27, 2008

Prague Bike Trip

On our first Saturday in Prague we took a bicycle trip to Karlstejn Castle. It was a 32 kilometer ride (20 miles) and it was beautiful. We stopped on the way at a river beach for some lemonade and a Czech pastry, and once we arrive in Karlstejn we had lunch. We took the train back to Prague to complete a wonderful day. Riding along a river on the way. The scenery the entire way was interesting and different. We are glad to have the chance to get this perspective of the Czech countryside.
We all made it to our destination! The castle is in the background.
Here we are standing on the castle ramparts, looking at another section of the castle. It is nestled in a valley, and remains hidden until you are almost all the way to it.
The castle was started in 1343 by Charles II, King of Bohemia and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. He built it almost the same time as the Prague Castle was being built. He also founded a university in around 1350 in Prague! This castle housed the crown jewels for over 2 centuries, when they were moved to Vienna. It was a pretty cool tour, and a fun day.

On (or near) The Potomac

We had a nice (but very short!) visit with Sarah and Dave at their home near the Potomac. Theo was there - and we did not keep him locked up all the time.Theo "unplugged" - playing a game of guitar hero...Sarah, Anna and Dave at a Bar-b-cue place...
Sunset on the Potomac - only a mile from Sarah and Dave's house. Amazingly beautiful...
Anna and Cathy at the Potomac...

Jamestown, Virginia

We visited Jamestown, the earliest permanent English settlement in North America. It was pretty cool - hot day, but interesting things.

Jared, Joan and Theo standing on one of the original ships that sailed over from England. At least they are built just like the originals...
Joan got up in the middle of one of the tours and talked about why she thinks the Tigers still have a chance at the world series...
Jared did the same thing at Williamsburg and got busted by some angry Boston and Yankees fans...there were a lot more of them than us...
Cathy and Anna dressed in period costumes. These provide a lot of shade...along with a pretty good size headache (they weigh close to 10 pounds each...)

Theo at Busch Gardens Europe

Theo, along with several others, made a visit to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia. It was a great day - sunny, hot, and a lot of fun.
Here he is waiting patiently in line...
Riding an airplane in Germany...
Riding a horse in Scotland...
Waiting for a 4-D pirate movie to begin. The 4th dimension included special effects, like water and air blowing on us! More of us actually went on rides, but we did not trust Theo with the camera yet.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Mark Hopkins and his friend Ryan came to visit us last week and go the AT&T National golf tournament in Maryland. We had a lot of fun and love visitors!While they were here, we drove up to the temple - Dave got a really cool shot. It was about to rain so the temple looks so cool against the dark sky.
Here is me and Baby at 32 weeks. Exciting! I am counting down the days. The bedrest is going okay. The doctor has told me that as long as I feel okay, I can start to move around a little bit more, so that is exciting.

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Mom and I went to go see a few lighthouses on Tuesday and had a lot of fun. We went to Muskegon and Mears and saw the lighthouses at both places. They were beautiful!

This is the lighthouse at Muskegon.

Little Sable Point Lighthouse in Mears. I love this one!

It was a beautiful sunny day and we had fun hanging out on the beaches and admiring the lighthouses.

4th of July and more

On the 2nd of July we took the girls to a water park in Provo and had fun swimming around and going on the baby slides.  They are very, very cute as you can see.
Tim, Dana and Taylor at Sugarhouse Park waiting for fireworks to start on the 4th.
We went on a hike at Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake on the 5th in the morning and Taylor found a snake on the trail... actually Dana found the snake and screamed and then Taylor took care of business, as you can see.
Arguably the cutest couple around... at least in Utah.  It was a great view. JUST DOOT IT
At the end of the hike we decided to take a picture, Dana simply said: I don't smile.  Notice that he is not smiling.