Thursday, October 30, 2008

Go Blue

Christopher was feeling very Wolverine-ish yesterday so I put on his Michigan shirt. Then I told him how the team was doing this year and he was very surprised.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our Fun Week

Here are a few fun things we did this week:

Christopher got to hang out with his friend, Piper

Christopher and tummy time. Its not too often that he lifts up his head, most of the time he just lays there. I think he enjoys laying on his tummy.

Christopher got to take a lot of good naps. I thought this one was funny. When I went in and checked on him, his hat had slipped down over his eyes. I guess that made things dark :)

Christopher got to dress up like a dinosaur!

He sure loves hanging out with his dad

We all got to go to the Kennedy Center for the first time. Its so pretty right on the Potomac!
We went to the ward party. Christopher dressed up like a ghost pumpkin. Me and Dave dressed up like ourselves.

I'm not sure what he's so confused about

But he sure is cute!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Mya

Well, it has been about a week and a half since we posted some pictures of Mya on the blog and we thought that it was about time everyone got another dose of her and her beautiful smile.

We found some cute sports onesizes and we thought that Mya looked great in them. They are blue, but with the blue bow in her hair she is able to pull it off and not look like a little boy. She sure is a yawner.

This is probably the best family photo that we have up until now.

As you can see... all we do is laugh.

The proud Aunt Anna and her little niece.

Grandma Doot came to visit right after Mya was born and was a great help.

She sure does love that binky.

When she is awake and not eating she does not know what to do so she mostly will just stare at us.

Here is a little smile of hers that shows off some of the wieght that she has gained in her cheeks and double chin.

Mya likes lounging around the house and leaning on things, especially me and blankets.

Janine loves red and her friend knit this red blanket for Mya.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Our Big Boy

So Christopher did AWESOME at his doctors appointment today. His last appointment was two weeks ago and since then, he has gained 26 ounces!!! Our big boy now weighs 10 lbs, 3 oz. I can't believe how different he looks now from when he was born.

So here's a couple comparison pictures in the same outfits. The ones on the left are the day he came home from the hospital and the ones on the right are in the last two days. Doesn't he look so much bigger?!?
I just thought these were really cute :)
Thanks for the awesome hat Ellen! What a knitter!

Monday, October 13, 2008

More pictures of Mya

Just to let everyone know, we posted more pictures of Mya on our blog, We also posted a movie of her first bath. There are some cute pictures so go check them out.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Appleberry Farm

I love the fall weather here!
It must have been hayride week because Theo and I 
also went on a hayride this week.  He loved it.  When we got off the 
wagon Theo kept saying, "ride, ride" and wanted to climb
back on. 
Theo called the pumpkins "balls" and loved running 
through patch and picking them up.
We picked some apples and then had a delicious carmel 
apple.  As you can see, Theo loved it.

What do you say to chickens?

Cox Farms

Yesterday we went to Cox Farms with Dave's work. Its kind of like a mini amusement park. Its in a huge field and they have tons of slides for the kids to go on. They also have animals to pet and feed. The highlight of our day was the hayride. Again, Christopher slept the whole time we were there. We think he will probably enjoy his time more next year :)

Here we are waiting in line for the hay ride

On the hay ride

This was the most interesting hay ride I've ever been on. There were lots of interesting things to see along the way. Here are the aliens that came running out at us...

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Maybe you guys are getting bored with all the pictures of Christopher, but we'll keep posting! Congrats to Tim and Janine!! Mya is SO cute. Mom and Dad, you sure have some cute grandkids!!

Christopher is good at looking at the camera when we take pictures of him

Christopher was so excited to watch the Utah game with his dad yesterday cause he is such a big fan!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Baby Mya

Janine with Mya right after the birth, she is such a cutie
Mya right after her first bath... she hated it but came out with a great hair-do
Here she is sleeping, Janine says that she looks like me.
My girls
Here is our nurse, Chelsee, she was great.  This was right when we got to the hospital at about 2am
Janine dubed this the last picture we would ever take alone
Here is Mya right after she was born.  6lbs 10oz, 18.5 inches.  
Here I am with Mya before her bath
The proud parents.  Janine looks pretty good for having had a baby only 20 minutes earlier

Monday, October 06, 2008

Christopher's First Out of Town Trip

Into DC!! Christopher got to see all the great sites of DC! Not really, he was sleeping the whole time, which we were totally okay with. I'm sure he'll have plenty of chances to explore the city.

Here we are in front of the Washington Monument.
Christopher even got to go to Five Guys!

Here's some more cute pictures...
What a happy baby!

Christopher is a tough guy!

And he loves his puppy!