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Monday, July 20, 2009

Random Pics

Chris really wanted to know what his hair would look like with gel in it. He was pleased with the result.
We cannot keep Christopher away from the piano - he LOVES it. Hopefully he'll take after his grandpa.
He loves chewing on these ring things.

We've been eating outside a lot lately
Up on dad's shoulders

Family Pics

This sums it up. The kids never stop moving.

Just thought this one was nice.

Wish Theo would look at the camera.

I like when she wears her hood up. Kinda like a little punk.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

This one is better

Janine came home for lunch and we got this video of Mya walking to the kitchen and around. It is better then the last one I posted.

Walk it out

Mya has been on an emotional roller coaster the past few days. She has a top tooth coming in, so I think that the tooth may be contributing to most of the drama that has been going on in her life... although... she is a girl, and as we all know, drama is part of the lifestyle. She is starting to act like Janine, she just wants to be held by me sometimes... and never let go, because simply put, life ends when her dad is not holding her.

To go along with the tooth, Mya has been walking around quite a bit. By walking I do not mean frolicking in the backyard, picking daisies, I mean taking some baby steps towards walking. Now, add the walking to the emotionally unstable baby, and we have quite the combination.

To explain this I would like to use an example of something that happened yesterday. I went over to our friend's house (Josh and Lexy) to deliver some homemade strawberry jam that Janine had made on Tuesday night. All was well when we arrived... then when I wanted to show off Mya's crazy walking skills, things took a turn for the worse. I set Mya on the ground and she stood up as if she was going to walk over to my outstreached arms, but began. She began to produce a sad beyond reason facial expression (those of you that know Mya know this face) and proceeded to cry. Most of the time when this happens she will instantly fall to her bum and ball her eyes out. Not yesterday. She stayed standing and then started walking towards me, little step by little step. I think that she took about 15 steps in all. I don't know what was more amazing, the fact that she took 15 steps or the fact that she was balling her eyes out when she did it. Of course, like the wonderful father that I am, I picked up the crying child and attended to her as soon as she stopped walking.

Well, I did not get that life changing experience on tape, but Janine did film her walking around the kitchen this morning. It is not quite as dramatic as the walking that she did last night, but it is still pretty good.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Theo's half birthday

We like any reason to celebrate

Friday, July 10, 2009

She speaks

Speaking of Nerds and Geeks...

Chris has a great chance of being a nerd/geek because of his parents. One of his very favorite things to do is read. This has been true for a while. He loves it when we read to him. Lately, since he's been able to move himself around, he likes to read on his own. This is what he does:

Pulls himself up on his bookshelf, and picks out the books he wants. By "picks out" I mean, pushes them off the shelf onto the floor.
Then he sits himself down in preparation for his reading
One of his favorite books - "Brown Bear, Brown Bear"
"Okay, I'm done, on to the next book"

Timmy, you gave me an idea - I think I will introduce Christopher to some Engineering and Chemistry books. Get him started a little early. I think he'll eat them right up - literally.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

My daughter, the nerd

As many of you know or don't know, Mya is the most fashionable girl around in our neighborhood (of course, other than Janine). I have heard some people say that she is the perfect clone of me... in girl form. They always seem add on the end of that statement, "but she is so beautiful". What does that mean? Her father is nothing to look at? My figure must be on the decline, who knows... anyways... Little does anyone know, other than Janine, that Mya is a total nerd. It appears that she really is like her dad.

She loves computers, iPods, TV's, cameras, camcorders, cell phones... basically anything that has to do with technology. Last night was a perfect example of this. She was playing around in the front room while I was doing my homework. I left my book and notepad on the couch while I went to go get some ice cream (one of Mya's favorite foods). I came back into the room and she was grabbing my book! Of course I thought that she would stop when she saw the ice cream... she didn't. She would not let that book go. When I took it away and tried to give her something else she went crazy. Not even food would console her. That is really wierd, especially coming from a Doot. What must have been going through her little head? Why play with a stuffed animal or eat ice cream when there is an engineering book on the ground?

Today I was working and went into the other room only to return and find her playing with my protecting glasses that I wear when working in the machining shop. What can I say? Like father, like daughter.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Grandma's visit with a few added pics

It is official, Nory is a thumb sucker but a great sleeper because she will often find her thumb and put herself back to sleep. Yipee!
Dad, this photo is for you. Jared and I are both really enjoying our first garden experience.
Grandma came to visit and we went to this cool restaurant called Ella's Deli. They had a million different things to look at while you ate your food. If you look at the top of this pic you will see Harry Potter flying on his broom. Thanks Grandma for going with us!
Even the tables you ate on had things to look at. This table that Theo is looking at had a train that went in circles after you pushed the button.
And to top it off, we got to ride this cool old carousel just outside the restaurant. Oh, they also have great ice cream/custard.
Theo loved deflating Grandma's air matress.

"It is always fun when Grandma comes, when Grandma comes....." Thanks for coming and staying with us Grandma/Cathy!!

Happy 4th of July!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Walking Tall

I don't know if we have ever mentioned Mya's posture on the blog before. When she sits, her back is completely straight. However, she would fold over when we left her standing alone. This week, she is starting to stand and walk tall. Her back is straight and she is getting stronger. Yesterday and today she stood for a really long time. She even took two steps forward without help last night. She seems to be getting more confident in herself. She is growing up fast. She will probably be walking in the next two weeks. She is so curious and anxious to do as the other kids do. We'll see what happens.