Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Big "1" and snow?

Happy Birthday!! Norah decided to walk about 2 weeks before she turned one. We also had to do something with the growing mullet so she now wears pigtails. Well, at least until she pulls them out. Norah is fun, spunky and a very busy little girl.

I was so excited to get the cupcake tier. The larger cupcake cake next to the tier really was one whole cake mix.
Once that frosting contacted Norah's taste buds it never left her mouth.
We celebrated with Norah's twin, Angie, born on the same day. See how the cupcake is still glued to her mouth.

Norah was so happy when Theo shared his cookie with her.
Snow? Yes, apparently we received more snow, this fine day in February, than they have received within a 24 hour period in the last forty years. I wish I would have had my camera when we were out and about because I think almost every house, business, and park had a snowman. Theo and I took advantage of the situation and built snowmen in our front yard......

.....and a snowman in our backyard.
The snow even stuck around for about four days. It was fun to put on our boots once this year.