Sunday, January 16, 2011

DC for Christmas

We went and stayed with Jared's sister and her family for a week and had a great time. DC has lots of free stuff to do.

This is on the bus ride into the airport. We left on Christmas morning and almost got stuck in Atlanta. As we were getting on the plane, the attendant got on the intercom and said that if we did not hurry, they would cancel the flight as it was starting to snow. We are so lucky that we got out of there.

At the Air and Space Museum, Theo liked the "rocket ship" the best. I liked the SR71 Blackbird they had there.

We went and saw some of the sites around DC.

Norah was just all over her cousin Abby. She was with her about 90% of the time that she was awake, sometimes laying on top of her.

The kids both got a lot of attention.

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Cathy Doot said...

such a fun time!